You know what’s the best part of being a translator at Dragoman? I always get to enjoy that “five more minutes!” in the morning!

Jokes aside, it is indeed a privilege to brew my coffee in my pyjamas and get to snuggle up with my computer on a comfy couch in the morning sun.

While early mornings are often rather slower, there are some days that start off with urgent projects. I find that stimulating, though. Now, the challenging part is that you deal with an entirely different subject each time. You get a cosmetics project in the morning, then an engineering document at noon. The afternoon comes with a corporate activity report. You may even have an industry report that will extend over a couple of days, even weeks.

While this range in fields goes to show the reputation and reliability of Dragoman across industries, it also proves us Dragoman translators’ and editors’ versatility and capacity. Our secret, you may ask? No, we are not superheroes, nor are we super-gifted geniuses. But we are a very close-knit family. We all have a shared set of values where we prioritise collective quality over individual ego. We are all open to improving, we are not afraid of making mistakes and we know that there is no end to learning. My colleague’s article, “Translate for impact: Writing powerful sentences in Turkish to English translations,” is a perfect example to this perspective (

We do offer different translation packages for different needs, but the one thing common in all is that the team will be in continuous touch to consult and to verify. We also make use of an excellent translation management system, XTM Cloud, where we store our terminology database categorised per client to harmonise our word choices in each related document (to learn more about XTM Cloud, take a look at this article by my colleague;

Now that we have your terminology compliant and coherent, we have the Dragoman style that we need to watch. Keep in mind, we are a team and it is our job to make each other’s work easier. So it starts with the translator. We have a rule for dates, syntax, clarity, and pretty much everything else that goes in the pot. That is how we make sure we serve the same quality each time. A bit tedious in the beginning, the guidelines soon become second nature. Translator, native language editor and final editor all follow these guidelines for a coherent work.

The key is often not to simply translate, but to create. A flowing text, whatever the subject, is always better than a stagnant read. We need all of the above components to create the perfect, say, advertisement for you in your target language.

If you wonder what it’s like to be a part of our family, stay a while and read our articles. Make sure to send us an email if you feel like you could find a home with us.