If you wish to address your readers directly and captivate them, you should use pronouns, instead of using passive voice or “there is/are.” By using “you,” you make your sentences more relatable to your readers. Besides, they easily understand your point—and what should they do.

Here are some examples:

Source: Bir şirketi satmak için optimum tarihi şöyle belirlemeniz mümkün: Satış ve kar rakamı yüksek olmalı. Geçmişe dönük birkaç yıl boyunca büyüme trendi sergilenmiş olmalı.

Translation: This is how to determine the optimal date to sell a company: The sales and profit figure should be high. There should be a growth trend displayed in over the past several years.

Edit: This is how you can determine the optimal date to sell your company. Your sales volume and profit should be high. And you should display a growth trend over the past several years.


Source: Cildin, gece boyunca oluşan ölü hücreler ve yağ fazlasından arındırılması, bakım kremi uygulanmadan önce temizlenerek hazırlanması, gün içerisinde maruz kalınan tüm dış faktörlerden (yağ, kir, toz vb.) temizlenmesi ve makyajdan tamamen arındırılması gerekir.

Translation: Dead skin and oil, that accumulate overnight, and external factors like the oils, dirt and dust you are exposed to during the day, need to be cleaned, all makeup has to be removed and the skin has to be prepared for skin care cream.

Edit: You need to cleanse your skin, as it is constantly exposed to external factors like dirt and dust. You should also remove all makeup, as well as dead skin cells and oil that build up on your skin overnight, and thoroughly wash your face before applying skin care cream.


Similarly, use “we” when describing an organization to be more welcoming.


Source: Şikayet ya da talebin fabrikamıza ulaşması sonrasında Müşteri Şikayetleri Formu doldurulur.

Translation: Once the complaint or request is received, it is registered to the Customer Complaints Form.

Edit: Once we receive your complaint or request, we complete a Customer Complaints Form.


Always make sure that your text is clear before submitting your translation. Take initiative and change the source sentence’s structure to make it more understandable. This is okay as long as you convey its message.



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