About Elifnur Uysal

A plain language enthusiast and copyeditor. Believing in using an artistic license in translation, I love helping people improve their writing skills through training and style guides and play children’s card games and JRPG.

Some notes on subject-verb agreement

Feeling conflicted about choosing a singular or plural verb for a tricky subject? Well, we all have been there. The subject-verb agreement may sometimes be confusing, even for native speakers. [...]

Searching the web — the golden rule of translation

What makes a good translation? You probably heard this question in your introductory translation class or read it in the first few pages of the book you decided to buy [...]

The weakest sentence starter: “It is”

"It is considered that (...)," "it is probable that (...)," or even worse "it is of utmost importance that (...)" Do we really need these clunky phrases? Dragoman encourages translators [...]