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How to verify AI translations

Companies, individuals, students, academics and professional translators are using AI at a certain level. You need a platform to store your previous translations, add your corporate / academic terminology and run an automated quality assurance (QA) againts the history of your translations, your choice of words & terminology.

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How to add sign language interpreters to Zoom

In September 2022, Zoom released a new update for sign language interpretation. It is possible to assign multiple sign language interpreters during the same Zoom meeting. Watch our YouTube tutorial to understand how to enable sign language interpretation on Zoom, make it default option and assign interpreters.

Remote simultaneous interpreting on Zoom video meetings and webinars

Activate "Language interpretation" on your Zoom settings (see first image below) and enable "interpretation" when scheduling a Zoom meeting/webinar (see second image below). Train your internal team, panelists and keynote speakers on how to use key features of Zoom, i. e. video settings, microphone settings, virtual backgrounds, recording, stream, and so on.