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Converting Passive to Active – Translating Audit Reports into English

Auditors are tasked to identify non-conformances and share their findings and observations in a clear and understandble report. Writing an impactful report is a challenge. Translating a poorly written report [...]

Learning objectives of an interpreting class

There is no golden standard for learning objectives of an interpreting class, because it depends on the level of your students, their previous courses, class size, available equipment and last [...]

Translator or Interpreter?

Most people assume that translators and interpreters are same professionals and they do the same job. Interpreters work at meetings, conferences, hospitals, courts or police stations and perform consecutive or simultaneous interpreting (verbally translate) from one language to the other.


Dragoman, what is that? I did not know what it meant! The word was lost in history. And I learned it from a Swed; Dragoman means a Royal Ottoman Interpreter. It was an official title, carried by very influental figures for four centuries. Little did I know that one day I would start a translation business and choose Dragoman as my brand. Etimology of Dragoman reveals that the word has been in circulation ever since the Akkadians. It is as old as the Tower of Babylon.  

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