Capitalizing Non-Proper Nouns

We translate a lot of press releases, agreements, websites, and disclosures that are filled with words like board of directors, company, general manager. Capitalizing these words should be an exception rather than the rule. Unless an agreement or a contract contains a clause that reads “hereinafter to be referred to as “The Company” or “Company,” we need not capitalize the word “company,” or any other word like “board of directors” or “general manager” for that matter.

Likewise, we need not capitalize free-standing company titles unless that title is gollowed by a proper name. So in general, confine capitalization to formal titles used directly before an individual’s name and lowercase and spell out titles when they are not used with an individual’s name:

Incorrect:  The President nominated his new CIA chief, Mike Pompeo.

Correct:     The president nominated his new CIA chief, Mike Pompeo.

Correct:     President Trump nominated his new CIA chief, Mike Pompeo.

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