The eight most confusing words in English

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Following are some of the most commonly mispronounced words in English. Listen to each word while you are reading on our blog. This exercise will improve your spoken English. For each example try to guess which option is correct: A or B? Share your comments and thoughts with us so that we can provide better recordings for you. If you need personal coaching for your English, we recommend AFFINA, a business language school.  Their website is        dessert A. […]

Express your feelings in English

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Expressing your feelings requires a little more then just using an adjective. Try the following common words, check out their synonyms and improve your word usage in English. Happy Content Every old person, no matter how content they seem, feels that sense of regret. Earl Woods Satisfied Are you satisfied with your working conditions? Delighted Kate Winslet was delighted with Oscar nominations. Pleased We are pleased to extend the term of our agreement. Ecstatic I feel ecstatic every time she […]