Conference Interpreting

Organizing a Hybrid Meeting – Behind the Curtain

The article discusses the importance of effective management for hybrid meetings, which combine onsite and online participation, emphasizing the need for constant team communication, reliable internet, and proper equipment setup. It recommends using Zoom's advanced features to facilitate smoother interactions and maintain engagement among participants. The piece also notes that these practices are trusted by prominent organizations like the UN and EU and offers further assistance for those interested in organizing hybrid meetings.

Can you hear me? Yes, but I cannot translate this!

Using the right microphone is essential when joining an online meeting for two main reasons: your voice will be heard clearly and the conference interpreters can translate your speech with ease. You may be hearing your colleague but still the sound quality may not be high enough for simultaneous interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting on Cisco Webex Legislate

The legacy trusted corporate conferencing platform Webex finally unveils its interpreting addon. Starting from December 2020, Webex Legislate, a seperate Coscio product for parliaments, legislatures, courts and international organizations, began [...]

Remote simultaneous interpreting on Zoom video meetings and webinars

Activate "Language interpretation" on your Zoom settings (see first image below) and enable "interpretation" when scheduling a Zoom meeting/webinar (see second image below). Train your internal team, panelists and keynote speakers on how to use key features of Zoom, i. e. video settings, microphone settings, virtual backgrounds, recording, stream, and so on.