Some notes on subject-verb agreement

Feeling conflicted about choosing a singular or plural verb for a tricky subject? Well, we all have been there. The subject-verb agreement may sometimes be confusing, even for native speakers. [...]

Drop That That

Using too many 'thats' will rob your sentences of their pace and spontaneity. This is especially true for verbs of speech or thought such as say, think, know and so on. [...]

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The weakest sentence starter: “It is”

"It is considered that (...)," "it is probable that (...)," or even worse "it is of utmost importance that (...)" Do we really need these clunky phrases? Dragoman encourages translators [...]

Translating content back to its original language – Notes from the Editor

Notes from the Editor – January 2016 Could you be translating content back to its original language? When you are translating into English for a multinational company, make sure to [...]