Finally Cisco Webex launched its interpretation feature. It is currently available on limited clusters and soon will be rolled out to the entire Webex users.

To enable simultaneous interpretation, you need to login to your admin panel and toggle the slide bar to right. You can choose to add as many languages as you wish to your default language options. If you cannot see interpretation option, contact Webex support.

Once you are in a meeting you can invite or assign interpreters. If you invite interpreters via email, they will be automatically assigned to their language channels.

Webex has an interpreter-friendly interface and has superior interpretation features compared to Zoom. To list a few:

  1. Interpreters can listen to their booth mate (monitoring)
  2. Interpreters are automatically assigned once they join a meeting
  3. Interpreters can choose to listen other channels (relay)
  4. Interpreters can request switch (handover)

Attendees can select any language and listen to professional interpreters. Attendees have an audio slider on the bottom left of their screen which allows them to adjust the sound volume of the speaker and the interpreter. One can choose to hear both, only interpreter or only speaker by simply sliding the button.

Simultaneous interpretation feature makes Cisco Webex meetings more inclusive and accessible.

We will release a tutorial video soon. You may also want to check official webex blog here: Webex blog on simultaneous interpretation