Copy-editing on Nubuto demands basic knowledge on CAT tools. One of them is the meaning of letters and colors next to each segment.

Letters show the status of segments, i.e. untranslated, matched, ICE or N. And colors refer to approved, non-approved and approved via repetitions.

How to effectively use Nubuto for copy-editing purposes?

  1. Use segment filters to display a groups of segments, i.e.non-translatables


2. Be very careful when selecting & using fuzzy matches from translation memory or within the file. Because fuzzy matches are not exact matches, they contain one or more words/numbers/tags different.

3. Check key terminology against saves terms and also against concordance.

4. Add comments below corrected segments. Your feedback to the translators will help them understand your editing approach and do a better job next time. Nobody wants to correct repeating errors.

5. Chat with the team as they progress, exchange ideas and agree on key terms, locale, register, etc. Chat messages are recorded and can be reached later.