Do you provide interpreting on Zoom?

Yes, we do. Zoom has become our most common platform for online simultaneous interpreting. We currently cover over 100 languages and will be happy to provide interpreters for your Zoom meetings and webinars.

Do you also provide hosting and technical support on Zoom?

Yes, absolutely. Our Zoom experts can help you schedule your Zoom meetings & events, make proper security, accessbility and language settings. Our services cover rehearsals, training, setting, security, polls, breakaway rooms, live streaming and many more.

How can I localize my videos? Do you recommend subtitling or dubbing?

All you need to do is to provide a download link for your video and we will take care of the rest. Our experts will produce highest quality subtitles you are looking for. We follow Netflix standards on readibility, i.e. words per minute and characters per line/scene. Although our primary focus in Turkish, Russian and Arabic, our global network of multlingual subtitlers and voice artist are at your disposal.

Subtitling is a cost-effective and quick way of expanding your shows or video marketing assets to target market languages. Video subtitling is also a must for the deaf of hard-of-hearing individuals. This format is calles SDH.
Dubbing is a high-end and prestigious service. Feel free to contact us to inquire which option better suits your needs, what will be the cost and time needed for high-quality subtitles & voice-over delivery.

How quickly can you connect me to a phone interpreter?

If you are using one of our own remote interpreting platforms (SIMULTELE) In 80+ language combinations (i..e English, Turkish, French, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Bosnian, Romanian, Russian, Ukranian, etc.) within 15 – 30 seconds. We continuously strive to expand our network of trusted interpreters. Please contact our office for the updated list of languages and guaranteed level of services.

What is Dragoman Gold? Why should I choose Gold or Plus?

Dragoman Gold is our signature trancreation service. A senior translator, native copy-editor and a subject matter expert combine their skills to curate your content into the target language. Dragoman Gold assures highest quality with twice full review (100%) of translation.
Plus has similar workflow but with up to 30% review, which makes Plus a good option for public but not so sensitive or branding related content. It will give you improved fluency but will not read as native and impactful as the GOLD.
Choose Gold for corporate communication, branding and advertising content which will remain publicly available for a long time. It is the preferred by non-comprising communication professionals.
Choose Plus for efficient internal and external communication. Plus will provide added quality and native touch.

Why do you recommend Standard Translation for Apps & Games?

Apps & Games are developed in sprints; they need continuous delivery of translation. Dragoman’s Standard service involves a team of expert translators combined with QA professionals with a sharp error-eye. Our standard service guarantees lightning fast, reliable and cost-effective localization of your apps & games. Localize to reach more users and build your global mobile business.

Our core value proposal in game localization is our in-context localization capabilities. Our platform can process many source code formats and enable our in-country testers to see and play with the game as they continue localizing.

Why Dragoman Plus is better for Patient reports?

Dragoman Plus is a three-step localization service including a native copy-editor. Plus is normally up to 30% review of translation. Patient reports are known for their repeat content up to 80% in some cases. It is therefore not necessary to pay more for Gold; plus would suffice. In addition to daily review of patient documents, our native copy editors also run monthly quality checks on our translation database to clear minor mistakes for further perfection.
Nevertheless, in the unlikely event of a brand-new report type, we run Gold workflow by default to assure flawless localization.

How can you guarantee internet connectivity for remote simultaneous interpreting?

Our interpreters work either in our office or at a tested & approved conference location. We have several dedicated broad-band fiber connections to enabled secure and smooth remote interpreting.
Our platform partner Interprefy has a robust array of servers across the globe. Schedule a non-binding free demo to experience Interprefy’s technical excellence together with Dragoman’s world class interpreters.

How many languages can you provide?

We have delivered translation and interpreting in 80+ language combinations with highest customer satisfaction since 2005. Our day-to-day business is 80% in English, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Romanian, Albanian, Bosnian (Serbian/Croatian), French and German. Greek, Italian, Spanish, Farsi and Kurdish follow. The rest are typically once a month or quarter type of jobs.

Please note that we cannot give your transcreation in every language all by our in-house or local teams. To this end, we rely on our global partners who are the Dragomans of their home markets.

Can I access 24/7 automated or semi-automated translation or interpreting services?

We do not have automated translation – no serious company has. Bu we do have automated workflows meaning you wouldn’t need an operator to order from us. So if you are referring to an automated workflow you are in the right place.

For automated localization workflow, just ask for a free Nubuto Customer Account from your project manager and start managing your translations on our mobile device. Once we assign a group of linguists to your account, all you need to do is to upload your files and press start.
For remote interpreting, let us install our connectors to your site. Once connected, your agents can ask assistance of a remote interpreter when needed. You may also download our free Simultele App, sign our end-user agreement and access to hundreds of phone interpreters in 80+ languages round the clock, round the year.

Can I review my translations live and real-time?

Yes, of course. Ask for a free Nubuto Customer Account to comment or review while your translations are being done. Our secure cloud platform is accessible on pre-approved customer devices.

You can chat with our translators an/or PMs on our platform, share your comments, add specific terminology or edit the translations yourself.


How secure are your cloud platforms?

We are partners with multi award-winning platform providers XTM, Zoo, Interprefy and WeYi. They are trusted by some of the largest global corporations. For detailed security profile of individual platforms, i.e. SSL certificates, encryption, password, authentication and penetration tests, please contact our technical team.

Do you use machine translation?

Only for select projects and language combinations, and never without post-editing. Machine translation requires human training, review and editing; it is not a fully off-the-shelf service. We believe translation will be one of the last professions to be replaced by robots. We have invested in a number of domains and industries and willing to share our experience with you in cooperation with our solut.on partner Omniscien.