Figures Troubleshooting

Style guides differ because they are written with their specific audience in mind. Bloomberg will present their copy differently to The New York Times because Bloomberg primarily focus on finance and figures.

One of the principal reasons for a style guide is to ensure consistency. Our translators work from a wide range of languages and are based around the world. The style guide is what helps ensure all Dragoman output is presented in a professional, clear and uniform manner.

Adhering to Dragoman style isn’t difficult; it just takes the self-discipline to reference. That said, there are some basic, recurring issues that are nevertheless time consuming to edit.

Problem areas (italics used for emphasis):

  • Dates: month, day, year as in May 16, 2009.
  • For cardinal and ordinal numbers less than 10, spell out the number: nine people, third place. But take note of the exceptions!
  • Money: use symbols for the dollar, euro, and pound as in $5 million, €5 million, or £5 million.
  • Turkish Currency: 5 million Turkish lira. Note: lira is always lower case and singular.
  • Always spell out percent in paragraph content as in 30 percent, not 30%.
  • Exceptions to the above are generally reserved for headings, charts and tables.

You can find a more detail in the figures style guide, located here.

If you’re feeling confident, test your knowledge with the figures quiz.



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