Flight announcements – British accent – female

Pre-boarding announcement

Good afternoon dear passengers. This is a pre-boarding announcement for flight TK 1 0 1 to Istanbul. We are now inviting passengers with small children, and any passengers requiring special assistance, to begin boarding at this time. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready. Regular boarding will begin in approximately ten minutes time. Thank you.


Final boarding call

This is the final boarding call for passengers Jane and John Taylor booked on flight 3 7 2 A to Ankara. Please proceed to gate 3 immediately. The final checks are being completed and the captain will order for the doors of the aircraft to close in approximately five minutes time. I repeat. This is the final boarding call for Jane and John Taylor. Thank you.


Welcome onboard

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard Flight D R 7 o 7  with service from London to Ankara. We are currently second in line for take-off and are expected to be in the air in approximately five minutes. Please fasten your seatbelts and secure all baggage under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins.


Also make sure to put your seats upright and close your tray tables. Please turn off all personal electronic devices, including laptops and cell phones. Smoking is prohibited for the duration of the flight. Thank you for choosing Dream Airlines. Enjoy your flight.


Captain speaking

Good afternoon passengers. This is your captain speaking. First I’d like to welcome everyone on Planet Airlines Flight 8 6 A. We are currently cruising at an altitude of 33,000 feet at an airspeed of 400 miles per hour. The time is 1:25 pm. The weather looks good and with the tailwind on our side we are expecting to land in Antalya approximately fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. The weather in Antalya is clear and sunny, with a high of 25 degrees for this afternoon. If the weather cooperates we should get a great view of the city as we descend. The cabin crew will be coming around in about twenty minutes time to offer you a light snack and beverage, and the inflight movie will begin shortly after that. I’ll talk to you again before we reach our destination. Until then, sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the flight.


Security message

Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the crew I ask that you please direct your attention to the monitors above as we review the emergency procedures. There are six emergency exits on this aircraft. Take a minute to locate the exit closest to you. Note that the nearest exit may be behind you. Count the number of rows to this exit. Should the cabin experience sudden pressure loss, stay calm and listen for instructions from the cabin crew. Oxygen masks will drop down from above your seat. Place the mask over your mouth and nose, like this. Pull the strap to tighten it. If you are traveling with children, make sure that your own mask is on first before helping your children. In the unlikely event of an emergency landing and evacuation, leave your carry-on items behind. Life rafts are located below your seats and emergency lighting will lead you to your closest exit and slide. We ask that you make sure that all carry-on luggage is stowed away safely during the flight. While we wait for take off, please take a moment to review the safety data card in the seat pocket in front of you.


Take-off announcement:

Dear passengers, please turn all your mobile devices off or put them to flight mode.

Cabin crew: slides disarm, and crosscheck!


After landing:

Ladies and gentlemen and dear children, we have just landed! Please be seated until the seatbelt sign is turned off.

When you leave the aircraft, make sure to take all your belongings with you.

We would like to see you on another Turkish Airlines flight!