Dragoman Gold refers to translation + editing + proofreading as specified in international translation quality standards. But so does Dragoman Plus. So what is the difference of Gold and Plus? And also what exactly is Dragoman Standard?

The biggest difference of Gold Translation Level is full review; Standard or Plus does not include full copy-editor review.

Standard translation includes translation + full QA and industry-specific terminology management. Dragoman’s QA is not only automated QA but also a mechanical review or skimming to spot surface errors.

Plus includes translation + up to 30% copy-editing + full QA and customer-specific terminology management. So there are two differences with Plus: an additional copy-editor (not automated QA or just a quick mechnical review) and perhaps more importantly additional research and maintanence effort to build a customer-specific terminology. Believe me, it is not an easy endeavour.

Dragoman GOLD is TEP, and given most of our clients choose us for advertising copy, GOLD usually requires a twist of transcreation. But don’t take me wrong. GOLD is TEP and we mean every step of it. 100% review by two copy-editors, one native (typically mono-lingual, doen’t have to understand source language) and the other a specialist or senior translator.

Transcreation or creative translation is only available with GOLD, and depending on the desired level of creativity, it may be subject to additional charges.

GOLD is our recommended service for all corporate documentation that goes public. We also recommend GOLD for legal documents, very specific technical material and any other mission-critical jobs.

Will you be happy with PLUS in some cases or with STANDARD? Yes, of course. Our translators and QA team (quality assurance) include some of the very best linguists. But even the best people get tired, omit facts, act carelessly and make mistakes. That is why copy-editing is key for superior quality.

Don’t like to take chances? Ask for GOLD!