Infoport or simulport is a mobile interpreting system that one can easily carry in a tiny case and use for simultaneous interpreting to a small group of people, typically for short durations.

These systems are proven to be very efficient when visiting a hospital, museum, factory or a school. They are also an elegant choice when only one or few executives require interpretation during a press conference or an internal meeting of a corporation. Executives just wear a light-weight headset and simply listen to the interpreter in the language they prefer.

Infoport systems also have health benefits. If one thing we have learned from COVID-19 pandemic is the necessity to keep 2-meters distance from each other to avoid random infections. Interpreters would not need to sit right behind the executive and whisper to their ears or shout out in the open air to make their voice heard.

Our infoport systems are cleaned and disinfected before every event. They come in a custom-design case. Each unit is less than 50 grams, feature Dolby stereo sound quality and have an audible range of 100 meters.

Please feel free to drop us an email and we will be happy to discuss your particular use case to understand whether an infoport suits your needs or perhaps you may go for a full ISO standard interpreting booth and sound equipment.

Dragoman’s global team is at your service for your interpreting and equipment needs.