Montenegro passport gives you visa-free access to over 120 countries, including the Schengen zone.

There are three ways to become a Montenegro citizen:

By employment or business ownership: Takes 10 years

By marriage: Takes five years

By investment: Takes three – six months

Business option:

Montenegro gives temporary residence permits so easily but not the citizenship. If you start a business in Montenegro or employed by a Montenegrin company, the passport police gives you a temporary residence permits within 3 – 4 weeks.

Core requirements are just a few:

Certified translation of passport

Employment contract or business registration

Clean criminal record

Temporary residence can be renewed for five years. After that you may qualify for a permanent residence. With that, you need to live in Montenegro for five years. Finally you need to pass a language proficiency test. If all goes well, you will be a citizen in 10 years.

Marriage option:

You need to live in Montenegro for five years and be married a Montenegrin citizen for three years. After that you can apply for a citizenship. You will not need to take a language proficiency test.

Clean criminal record is a must as always. You are also required to prove that you are not married in another country.

Investment option:

This is the fastest way: takes only three to six months. Montenegro government annouces official projects in the North and South of the country. You are required to invest a minimum 250000 Euro to a government project in the north or 450000 Euro into a project in the south of Montenegro. and donate 200.000 Euro to government entities. In addition the applicant pays 15000 Euro as an application fee. Furthermore, 10000 Euro will be paid for each family member (up to four). If your family is larger than four, the fees may increase dramatically (as high as 50000 Euro for the fifth member).

There will be additional expenses i.e. consultancy, translation, notary, legal, travel, etc.

For a family of four, Montenegro citizenship by investment will cost a minimum 500000  – 600000 Euro.

Be warned:

Montenegro does not permit dual citizenship except for Macedonian or Serbian citizens (there may be a handful of other exceptions). Should you wish to obtain a Montenegro passport, you have to denounce your current citizenship.

If you do not have a clean criminal record, do not plan a life in Montenegro.

Do not believe people who claim to have friends every where and can handle things. There are only three authorized agencies for citizenship and a handful for residency permits. Better to hire authorized consultants. Otherwise you will lose money, time and your hopes.