Some researchers suggest that in the next few years video will become the leading format for content marketing. Is your corporate communication strategy ready to adapt?

Subtitling is huge business but not every subtitler is corporate grade. There are thousands of fans doing free work or others working for large film studios or OTT providers to localize TV shows. Here are a few suggestions for marcom professionals based on our experience in corporate communication:

1. Work with a transcreation team

Corporate content demands a transcreation approach combined with industry specific expertise. Only finest  language experts can handle video localization for corporate clients.

2. Use professional subtitling software

New subtitling tools not only allow linguists to play & pause the video, but also offers  advanced quality control (QC) functionalities. Modern platforms are more collaborative – may give you an option to preview subtitles / translations on a web link for review purposes.

3. Confidentiality is key

New cloud tech offers two-factor authentication, finger print authentication, encrytiption, watermarking, versioning, auto-arcieving, access level control and many other essential content security method. Be selective in favour of video localization vendors who give your highest level of security without complicating workflow and creating additional red tape.

4. Make sure you get the terminology right

Building bilingual / multilingual glossaries is a must, otherwise the localised corporate message may be misleading or even erronous.

5. Optimise cost by balancing captions versus voice-over

Not every video needs a voice-over, sometimes it is totaly fine to use captions. Voice is definitely more powerful but is also more costly.

6. Video localisations is sales tool not a cost-base

Localisation is a sales & marketing tool; you cannot increase your sales without localising your content. Use market research data to analyse your growth markets and focus on those languages for localisation. High-quality videos in the language of target markets will bring your new clients and improve your brand-awareness.

Dragoman video localisation team is always thereto give your advice on the best way to localise your marketing videos and  video-based training content.