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How to Translate Company Milestones

We occasionally translate company milestones contained under “About Us” pages of corporate websites. Translating milestones from Turkish into English requires management of verb tenses. Here is why.

Although companies almost always prefer the simple past tense to describe these important dates in Turkish, Dragoman prefers the simple present tense to make these dates enticing to the reader.  This is also why headline statements are framed in the present tense.

E.g.: 1944 – Borusan Grubu’nun ilk şirketi İstikbal Ticaret kuruldu.

1944 –  İstikbal Ticaret, Borusan Group’s first company is established.

Please notice that “is” is used instead of “was” or present tense instead of past.

Translation is much more than using a glossary and putting words together. Check out our knowledge base regularly to learn tips & tricks written by senior copy-editors of Dragoman Transcreation.

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