Given the popular hashtag #kyivnotkiev, Ukrainians want to use Kyiv. Kiev is closer to Russian pronunciation and it is a remnant of the Soviet past. Kyiv sounds more Ukrainian.

Ukraine is a sovereign state and it is their utmost right to name, call and ask the world to call their capital city the way they want in their mother language.

Based on scientific evidences Dragoman also suggests using Kyiv honouring Ukrainian etymology, grammar, lexicology, culture and tradition.

For further references you may want to check the United Nations websites, where the international community prefers Kyiv. An easy way to google this is to type “kyiv” on Google.

It may sound political at this very moment where there is a war between Ukraine and Russia, but we must emphasize that Ukrainian government officially changed the city’s name to Kyiv back in 1995. Perhaps the world was a little late to catch-up. Credible resources such as the Associated Press, Reuters, Britannica, Oxford, Collins and other dictionaries as well as Wikipedia, among many others, also prefer Kyiv.

As a translation agency, we always remain neutral in politics. Our approach is strictly linguistic.

Here is an article on The Guardian explaining why.  

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