Let’s clear up the confusion surrounding the use of hyphen, en dash and em dash.

The hyphen (-)

Dragoman follows the AP Stylebook, so we use hyphens to indicate ranges or to clarify that we are using a compound modifier.
Please use no spaces before or after the hyphen.

The first leg of the training was held in Şanlıurfa on May 22-23, 2019.
Our state-of-the-art warehouse facilities are 80-percent automated.
Each year, we endeavor to create a first-rate academic environment in our schools.

The En Dash (–)

The en dash is longer than the hyphen but shorter than the em dash. Although some stylebooks prefer en dashes for ranges and some compound modifiers, the AP Stylebook does not use them. So, please avoid using en dashes.

The Em Dash (—)

We use em dashes to indicate a sudden and emphatic change in the train of thought. We can also use them to distinguish a series of words separated by commas from the rest of the sentence.
There should be spaces around the em dash.


The incoming president will face a range of issues — rising inflation, regional instability, and water shortages — over the coming year.
Project X — a social responsibility project organized under the Foundation — is aimed at enabling young people to gain work experience in an international company.
This year — our fifth anniversary — 680 projects were submitted to the competition.

Please note that we do not use em dashes in Turkish. So, when you encounter a sentence employing em dashes, you should try to recast the sentence without them.


Source Text: Several members of Matt’s current team — Rita Smith, Jeff Gordon, Allison Carter — will play important roles on the team.

Incorrect: Matt’in şu anki ekibinin birkaç üyesi — Rita Smith, Jeff Gordon, Allison Carter — bu ekipte de önemli roller üstlenecek.

Better: Rita Smith, Jeff Gordon ve Allison Carter gibi Matt’in mevcut ekibinin birkaç üyesi, bu ekipte de önemli roller üstlenecek.


Reference: The Associated Press Stylebook 2018