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Interpreting Services

Zoom Weddings

Given the pandemic conditions, we all observe physical distancing rules. There are flight restrictions and many other local lockdown measures.

World’s newest household brand Zoom is also becoming popular in online wedding ceremonies. Do we organize your wedding? No, you organize your wedding and we help you transform it into a Zoom Wedding.

Now, if you are preparing for a transnational marriage, we are here to help. Our interpreters join the ceremony via Zoom and translate everything live for your international guests.

The guests download Zoom app to their phones or personal computers, login to the link we provide and choose the language they understand. That’s as simple as that but to setup the best Zoom Wedding you need to plan a couple other things, too.

How does it work?


Remote simultaneous interpreting

Do you have high speed broadband internet? Do you have a good computer? Do you have a conference grade headset / microphone and a functional video camera?

If executed by professionals and planned-well, remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) platforms are magical tools transforming any room or site into a multi-lingual conference venue. Recently, popular apps like ZOOM also added language interpretation features. For more on Zoom’s functionalities and other smart video suggestions, please visit our YouTube channel. 

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, nobody can travel and therefore there is a soaring demand for virtual conferences.

If you want to try your first virtual webinar with simultaneous interpreaton, just drop us a line!

Shall we just dump our conventional equipment; booths and receivers? Of course not! (more…)

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is a must to have to facilitate multilingual communication during bilateral meetings, site & factory visits, investor meetings and device / equipment training. Some people assume that consecutive interpreting is easier than simultaneous interpreting only because they have experienced this when they entertained foreign visitors in their company. In professional settings, consecutive is much more difficult because it requires additional people and moderation skills. (more…)

Simultaneous Interpreting

We make it super easy for you to hire a trusted simultaneous interpreter.

Members of our core team have a minimum 10 years (or 1000 days) of interpreting experience. And our junior team have a minimum five years (or 500 days) of interpreting experience.

Dragoman manages up to 6000 interpreter requests every year and above 1000 of them are with simultaneous interpreting.

Turkish – English interpreting is always a good majority of our simultaneous interpreting portfolio, (more…)

Remote Interpreting

Remote interpreting is a must to have in this ever globalising world. There are tens of millions of refugees who need language assistance in 200+ languages on an adhoc basis. Why not try our Simultele app today? We offer both oncall and scheduled interpreting services for hospitals, police forces, courts and immigrations offices.

Simultele is designed for community interpreting and can connect to you to a qualified interpreter in a matter of seconds. We support both audio and video interpreting. (more…)

Interpreting Equipment

Do you need interpreting booth, microphones, headsets, sound system, speakers, powerpoint projector, presentation equipment or computer devices for your event?

Thanks to our 20+ years experience in conferences we know some of the best interpreting equipment providers in Turkey, Europe and the US. We have tested all our partners in live events for hundreds if not thousands of times.

We also provide mobile interpreting equipment for roadshows, (more…)

Top-calibre conference interpreters

We operate globally in 80+ languages with some of the best if not the very best conference interpreters. Tell us which languages and qualifications you need and we will hand-pick top-calibre simultaneous or consecutive interpreters and interpreting equipment for your event. Our most common languages are Turkish, English, French, Arabic, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese. We can expand to 80+ languages with our global network.

We also have an oncall interpreting service which is accessible 24/7 for hospitals, police stations, courts, public offices and immigration centers. Our remote interpreting services are available in both audio only and also audio/video format depending on your local infrastructure. Our most common languages are English to Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Romanian, Albanian and Polish. We can expand to 80+ languages with our global network.

You may want to try our online simultaneous interpreting services for remote locations, very short meetings or when you need additional languages typically a rare and hard to find locally language. Our interpreters come and work at our interpreter hubs, tested and approved for internet speed and audio & video quality.

Professional Service

Reliable Support

100% Satisfaction

We are proud of our 20+ years track record in 40+ languages and tens of thousands of conferences. We are committed to delivering 100% satisfaction in your event, too.

Mobile Interpreting Apps


Simultele is backed with 500+ live interpreters in 80+ languages. It has two core advantages compared to other platforms: First, it is on demand; for most of our languages no pre-scheduling is needed. The second advantage is; when you request an interpreter via our website or app, our platform automatically calls matching interpreters and saves you time. You can filter interpreters by gender or by expertise. Our interpreters are experienced and certified. Ideal for public services in hospitals, correction facilities, police stations, courts and immigration offices. Simultele is remote interpreting technology for community interpreting purposes. Learn more at simultele.com

Interpreting platforms

There are dozens interpreting tools and platforms and Dragoman is happy to collaborate with all providers who comply with industry standards. Please bear in mind that not every platform is designed for simultaneous interpreting and feel free to consult us before you choose the right option. Our colleagues are experienced and trained on several of them including Zoom, Interprefy, KUDO, Voiceboxer, Catalava, Interactio, Speakus and ZipDX. We also cooperate with media streaming agencies who do not use a multilingual conference tool but rather stream the audio of panelists and the interpreters using different URLs. Streaming is the oldest format of hosting a remote virtual conference and typically has poor interactivity compared to Zoom or other multi-user, multi-channel systems. Check out our YouTube playlist to watch our training and demo videos, available in English and Turkish.