It is possible to enable language interpretation on your Microsoft Teams account. The feature is in Public Preview Mode at the moment. There are three steps to enable it until it becomes a regular, ‘live’ feature.

  1. Admin enables Public Preview on your company account.
  2. You enable Public Preview on both your Teams desktop app and also Teams browser.
  3. Create a meeting, invite attendees and interpreters, save it. You can then go to meeting options and “enable language interpretation” as shown below.


Interpreters need to belong to the same corporate account.

One interpreter can interpret to one direction only.

Interpreter and speaker audio may mix and distract listeners.


Microsoft has not announced any specific schedule to make this feature public, yet. We hope that they improve the feature and make it public soon. Online meetings with language interpretation facilitates multilingual communication.

Millions of corporations already have Microsoft Teams account on their computer. Having an option to enable interpretation and invite a professional conference interpreter to their meeting will make event organizations much easier.