Updated on September 30

Microsoft made interpretation feature publicly available. It has been in preview mode since March 2022.

It is possible to enable language interpretation on your Microsoft Teams account.

  1. Create a meeting, invite attendees and interpreters, save it.
  2. Click on this event link to edit and go to meeting options to “enable language interpretation” as shown below.


Interpreters need to belong to the same corporate account. External users cannot be interpreters.

One interpreter can interpret to one direction only, i.e. Turkish to English (and not vice versa).

Interpreter and speaker audio may mix and distract listeners.

Interpretation is not available in breakout rooms (similar to Zoom).



You can create up to 16 language pairs. For example, if you create English – Chinese, it is count as one language pair.

You can add as many interpreters as needed to each language channel.

Interpretation feature is supported for meetings up to 1000 participants.


Language interpretation by professional conference interpreters make your Teams meetings more inclusive. People  will not be required to speak your language and everybody will be able to speak their language.

We hope that Microsoft improve this feature by adding bidirectional interpreting, relay (listening to another interpreter) and mute speaker’s audio option.

Please bear in mind that Microsoft does not provide interpreters. You need a reliable agency like us (Dragoman – please excuse the bragging) to organize Online meetings with language interpretation.

Millions of corporations already have Microsoft Teams account on their computer. Having an option to enable interpretation directly on Teams is an awesome possibility. We hope that it will create new job opportunities for so many wonderful interpreters from all around the world. Remote work helps interpreters living in non-urban locations access to more job opportunities and thereby increase their income.

Please visit Microsoft support pages for more information: Click here.