1. Use commas and decimals for English money figures as in $1,256.65, €65 billion

2. Use symbols for the dollar, euro, and pound as in $5 million, €5 million, or £5 million.

3. For other currencies spell out the name of the currency as in 26,000 pesos.

4. Use lower case and the singular form for million, billion and trillion.

5. Use lower case for currency names as in dollar, pound sterling, euro.

6. Do not mix millions and billions with figures, i.e., 200 billion 500 million.

7. Use this style for amounts less than $1 million: $4, $25, $500, $1,000, $650,000.

8. Do not spell out thousand, i.e., $500 thousand.

9. For headlines/headings use the same styles, except in cases requiring capitalization.

10. Do not use currency abbreviations in paragraph content, i.e., USD 5 billion, EUR 6 million.

Note: Use this format if other dollar currencies are mentioned: CA$5 million for Canadian dollars or AU$5 million for Australian dollars or US$5 million for U.S. dollars.


Dragoman Style Guide for Figures