It is always a pleasure to join ATC Conferences and 2016’s event was no exception. Geoffrey, Jesper, Levent and the entire council did a marvellous job.

This article was originally published on Linkedin two years ago and I wanted to add it to our blog page to give extra publicity to the ATC.

QEII Conference Center was a very good choice; easy to commute, modern, fresh and comfortable; all perfect to celebrate 40th anniversary of the Association of Translation Companies. I felt humbled because I am 44 years old and my company is only 11.

The Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony was a delicously emotional experience, and left most of us with unforgettable moments.

The Full Brexit discussion on Friday morning was intruiging; amid detoriating currency, uncertain political roadmap and rising business concerns, ATC members voiced commitment to reinvent their businesses.

I liked the speakers and spent 80% of my time in the conference room, which is usually the opposite in other industry events. Majority of the attendants were also in the main hall, and this confirms that the conference prepation team – the Council – have picked the right names & topics.

Aimee Ansari of Translators Without Borders was the keynote and rejoicefully reminded us the very human nature of our profession.

Exhibitors were tech companies as usual, one or two LSPs and not for profit organizations. There were also several translators with us, which is a rare occasion and should be encouraged more.

Networking space was enough, and I am glad we did not have too many “networking focused sessions”. It feels annoying to be in a room of people looking at your name card longer than they look at your face, talk about their services more than they can talk about their intellectual selves, and prentend to advocate quality although their primary trading argument is pricing.

Congragulations ATC team for giving us a civilized conference. It is always a pleasure to come back and meet language industry professionals, project managers, technology developers and translation company owners.