Do you use this: % symbol, or this: percent (spelled out)? Read this article to understand Dragoman Style, which is mainly based on the AP Style Guide and enriched by Diana Hacker’s, Brian Garner’s and Strunk & White.

1. The word percent is one word. Do not use U.K. spelling, i.e., per cent.

2. Always spell out percent in paragraph content as in 30 percent, 3.5 percent, 66 percent.

3. For percents “less than 1” use zero before the decimal point as in 0.3 percent or 0.03 percent.

4. Use the symbol ONLY in these cases: headlines or headings; and in stand-alone short statements or phrases on websites and in annual reports, research reports, etc.

    Headlines or Headings

    Unemployment Reaches 11%

    Allianz Posts 30% Profit

    Websites and Annual Reports

    All Arçelik washing machines – 50% energy savings

    Beko named the “Best Buy in Turkey,” with 25% energy savings

5. Advertising Copy

a) Use the symbol in short phrases as in 30% off on all items!

b) Use the symbol in advertisements of one or more short sentences as follows:

    Join Miles&Smiles and take advantage of our 25% discount on all international flights. Save on domestic flights starting at 59 TL. Fly Turkish Airlines today!

6. If the symbol is used, the symbol follows the figure in all English copy as in 35%.


Dragoman Style Guide for Figures