Oncall Interpreters 24/7

Dragoman's remote interpreting team is at your service. Vietnamese, Chinese, Romanian, Albanian, Polish, Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, Kurdish, Sorani, Slovak, Ukranian, Russian, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi are among the 80+ languages we cover. We have all Balkan languages, most African languages and also many Asian languages, too. Please contact us for your specific language needs.

  • We have certified medical interpreters and public service interpreters;
  • Our platform is secure and compliant with regulations;
  • You pay per minute and save on time and costs.
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Our Interpreting Apps


Simultele is backed with 500+ live interpreters in 80+ languages. Use it to connect to a live interpreter and pay for minute. Our interpreters are experienced and certified. Ideal for public services in hospitals, jails, police stations, courts and immigration offices. Simultele is remote interpreting technology for community interpreting purposes. Learn more at


Interprefy is a simultaneous interpreting app designed by a Zurich based brilliant startup. Interpreters and speakers work on a computer via a web interface, audiences uses the mobile app to listen. Interprefy smoohtly integrates with major interpreting equipment, i.e. Bosch and Sennheiser.

Benefits and Limitations

Remote interpreting (over the phone or internet) is quickly becoming the new normal. We encourage all stakeholders to uphold the highest quality standards and understand each usecase properly.

Key Benefits
  • Subcribe to our services and you can build your virtual multilingual call center at zero cost instantly;
  • It is pay per use - minute or hour - save on overhead costs;
  • Is available as a audio only (over the phone interpreting - OPI) or video remote interpreting (VRI);
  • Excellent idea for hospitals, immigration offices, police stations and public services;
  • Video remote interpreting is great for sign language;
  • Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) saves on travel costs;
  • RSI is a life saver for last minute interpreter requests;
  • RSI also enables remote speakers and attendees;
  • Heavily depends on highspeed boradband internet;
  • Not every interpreter is trained on remote skills & standards;
  • Is not a magical substitute for onsite interpreting, many situations require a hybrid solution;
  • Market is proliferated with dozens of apps, and not all are designed up to highest interpreting standards;
  • Medical interpreting and court interpreting requires official certification in many countries.

Curious and want to try it?

Schedule a free demo today and see how it works. When well-planned and properly-configured remote interpreting will help you organize more frequent and effective meetings (with simultaneous interpreting) and expand your market reach in multiple languages (with oncall interpreting)