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Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is a must to have to facilitate multilingual communication during bilateral meetings, site & factory visits, investor meetings and device / equipment training. Some people assume that consecutive interpreting is easier than simultaneous interpreting only because they have experienced this when they entertained foreign visitors in their company. In professional settings, consecutive is much more difficult because it requires additional people and moderation skills.

Dragoman recommends consecutive interpreting for travelling delegations, site visits, short training or press conference events. For longer engagements and for multiple languages simultaneous interpreting is needed.

Consecutive interpreting may be coupled with whisper interpreting (a one-on-one format of simultaneous interpreting) when the interpreter whispers the interpretation simultaneously to the foreign delegates and consecutively translates their messages to the audience. This mode is very helpful for market research, press conferences and investor relation meetings.

Please bear in mind that every meeting format requires different interpreter qualifications and interpreting equipment. And not every interpreter is fit or willing to undertake all modes of interpreting.

Feel free to consult Dragoman offices to identify your precise needs. We can provide you with interpreters in 80+ languages in Turkey, Middle East, Russia, China, the Balkans, Europe, UK and the US.

We also have remote interpreting for hospitals, courts, police and immigration offices. More to read on this page.