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Machine Translation

Machine translation (MT) has been rapidly improving but it is still not a fully-automated process for all use cases. Raw MT will not deliver business grade translation. The degree of automation must be adjusted for your use case. We can help you with that.
MT is very practical for large volume content if you only need a convenient translation. This applies to blogs, news, user comments, help menus and many more scenarios.
In most cases you will need human editors or quality checkers to go over this raw translation and correct as much as necessary. We can give you readable and understandable “edited” machine translation up to 10 times faster compared to regular human translation.
Mobile apps and online shopping portals are also typical use cases of machine translation.

We call our MT approach hybrid translation or hybrid localization. Our hybrid approach is a combination of our CAT tool NUBUTO, custom-selected and/or trained NMT machine translation engines, integrated QA (quality assurance tools) and expert translators/reviewers (real people).

We offer various levels of automation and API integrations. You may want to use our NMT engines in your own CAT tool or as a stand alone desktop application. All possible.

Machine translation may help you optimize your translation budget and dramatically shorten delivery schedules.

Our infrastructure supports statistical, adaptive and neural engines. We can also assist you in customizing your own engine, using your own data on different platforms.

Contact us to learn how we can help you prepare your company to machine translation processes.