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Multilingual Localization

If you are only localising content into English, your marketing efforts are wasted for 80% of the world population. Researches suggest that people feel more comfortable to buy when they read information in their native language. Do you really want to become a global brand and easily sell your products and services? Contact Dragoman today and let us guide you in multilingual localization.

Localization is not only about content but also involves adopting design, hand-picking images, investing in search engine optimization (SEO) on multiple search engines (not just on Google) and not to mention rigorous social media management.

Localization is never complete without thorough testing on the output. Localizing mobile apps, e-learning platforms, online retail and corporate websites also involves a testing step which is equally important as the language translation.

Turkey boasts highly qualified linguists in 50+ languages. This is mainly because our country is conveniently located between the West and the East and also because we receive massive flocks of immigrants. Our Human Resources hand-picks the best talents locally so that we can offer you languages of the world within an affordable budget and by a manageable team. We also hire copy-editors and subject matter experts in many regions to enhance the natural taste and flow of translations.