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Video Subtitling & Dubbing

Dragoman provides video subtitling services to major broadcasters, corporate communication departments and media & PR agencies. Turkish subtitling market is rapidly growing mainly because of Netflix effect. Many OTT players are keen into entering Turkish media market. And also, Turkish TV shows are becoming very popular not only in the Middle East and the Balkans, but also in Latin America and even in India.

Our video localization services include e-learning material, academic speeches, corporate PR videos, internal communication messages, brand & product launches, keynote speeches, and also ads for people with hard of hearing. You can also rely us on trailers, TV shows, feature films and documentaries.

Our network of voice actors can give your brands and characters a fresh start in your target markets. Our regular setup is for one person voice-overs but we can expand to a team of professionals through partner studios in Turkey and abroad.

Dragoman delivers top quality subtitling & dubbing services in many languages including Turkish, English, Spanish, French, German, Farsi, Arabic and Russian.

We also provide close captioning or SDH for people with hard of hearing.