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Automation in healthcare

Language technologies improve healthcare.

On-demand interpreting powered by secure and customized algorithms make healthcare more accessible to millions. Our interpreters respond to hundreds of calls on a daily basis.

Our translation platform connects to hospital management software, pulls patient reports, wait until translators complete the translation and then push it back to the hospital’s system.

Language technologies make translation easier.

From text to speech to automated captions, terminology extraction, translation memories and file format management, translation is easier with properly used technology.

Always Up-to-Date

We update our language technologies regularly to suit evolving needs.

Customized for you

Custom MT engines perform produce much better translation.

7/24 Service

Our apps and online services are available 24/7 and on all around the globe.

High Satisfaction

Our customer satisfaction rate is above 90 percent in tech enabled localization.

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Trusted by Nestle, Adidas, Reckitt Benckiser, local hospitals, federal correction facilities, immigration agencies and more.

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