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Video remote interpreting

Video remote interpreting (VRI) has recently become more popular with advances in broadband internet connectivity. Why not, it feels much more natural when you can put a face to a name and see the person interpreting for you.

Video interpreting is also key to ensure that the interpreter is alone in an isolated room.

Please bear in mind that video remote interpreting is typically charged at slightly higher figures, compared to phone interpreting.


Key recommendations:

Minimum 10 x 10 mbps broadband internet connection, typical ADSL connections in coutries like Turkey will not suffice

Ethernet cable connection, no wi-fi please

Onboard or external soundcard on the computer to enhance digital audio quality

High quality video camera

A headset designed for talking, like a call center, not for gaming or listening to music

Use a headset please, it may not look cool but it is much more professional

Professional interpreting platform (conference platforms are not designed for interpreting)

Make sure to quit all other conferencing apps (Skype, Whatsapp Web, Facetime, etc.)

Make sure to allow your interpreting / conferencing platform to access to your camera, speaker and microphone