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Hiring us for video localization gives you visibility and confidentiality in every step of our work, thanks to our robust cloud-based architecture. Our subtitlers and translators are not allowed to download your work – they merely see a water-marked low-resolution copy of your original assets, while your team can view our job in progress on the video, make comments or corrections before giving final approval.

How We Can Help.

Six examples of our end-to-end video subtitling and voice-over services.

TV Shows

Tired of bad quality subtitles? You are in the right place. We follow Netflix standards on readability.

Our tech-QC team makes sure that captions are timely placed, follow shot changes and also observe other onscreen messages. Our language QC assures accurate and fluent translation.

Pre-recorded Videos

If you need subtitles for a pre-recorded video before streaming it during a webinar, you are at the right place. Our translation will enable your audience to understand the video in their own language.

You may also ask a voice artist or a simultaneous interpreter to prepare an audio translation of your video. Voice artist cost more, but that is the ultimate quality. Recording by a simultaneous interpreter is the fastest solution.


Deploying an English-only e-learning platform is not enough for a global team because most people learn better in their mother language.

Dragoman’s experts can help you to add subtitle and voice-over, as needed, to your e-learning platform. A well-localized content will enhance the user experience.


Adding subtitles to adds and social media videos will increase their reach and also make them accessible for people with hard of hearing.

Live Captions

We can provide automated or human added / edited live captions to your online meetings. It enhances accessibility. Works even better when there is a sign language interpreter together with captions.

Corporate Videos

Translating corporate videos is a totally different task then subtitling Netflix series. It is much more serious and complicated at times, mission-crtical. Working for corporations is in our DNA so you can entrust your corporate videos to us, just like some teams of Microsoft and Google do.

Why Subtitling.

Over 80% of all marketing spending will be on video content in a few years. People watch shorter videos on their mobile phones at any given hour of the day and subtitles enable them to consume without turning on the audio. OYP providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime are booming.

Now, if you want your videos to reach a greater global audience you need subtitling and/or dubbing. If you want to sell more products and services, you’ve got to do this in targeted local languages.

High Standards

Our team adheres to the highest readability and clarity standards in subtitling.


Our subtitlers work on a cannot copy or download your video assets.

%100 Satisfaction

We are working with a very high satisfaction rate. Our clients report minimum revisions on localized videos.

Fast & Accurate

Thanks to our experienced team, good management and latest language technologies we translate faster and better.

Previous Works.

We provide video subtitling services to global pharma companies, NGOs, major broadcasters, corporate communication departments, and media & PR agencies.

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Trusted by Ogilvy, Microsoft, IQVIA and many more creative agencies, corporations, brands and NGOs.

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