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Zoom Weddings

Given the pandemic conditions, we all observe physical distancing rules. There are flight restrictions and many other local lockdown measures.

World’s newest household brand Zoom is also becoming popular in online wedding ceremonies. Do we organize your wedding? No, you organize your wedding and we help you transform it into a Zoom Wedding.

Now, if you are preparing for a transnational marriage, we are here to help. Our interpreters join the ceremony via Zoom and translate everything live for your international guests.

The guests download Zoom app to their phones or personal computers, login to the link we provide and choose the language they understand. That’s as simple as that but to setup the best Zoom Wedding you need to plan a couple other things, too.

How does it work?

  1. Schedule your interpreter via Dragoman’s web channels. We cover over 100 languages worldwide from English to Mandarin, Russian or Vietnamese and from Polish to Arabic, Farsi or Spanish.
  2.   Make sure all attendees download Zoom app to their mobile phones, tablets or personal computers.
  3. Set a rehearsal date so that the the bride, the groom and close family members can practise.
  4. Make sure you have reliable audio and video feed to Zoom – usually the video guys filming your wedding know how to do it. If not, we can give some useful advice, too.
  5. Click on the Zoom invitation link sent to you by Dragoman office when the day & time comes.
  6. Select your desired language on Zoom’s screen and watch the ceremony on Zoom. Language channels only appear on Zoom screen when the admin starts live interpretation. We will show you how to use this feature; it is very intuitive.
  7. Consult our team for additional live broadcasting on YouTube or Facebook. Zoom gives you live broadcasting option.
  8. Talk to us for added security or registration rules.

Dragoman team will be delighted to be a part of your planning process and help you organize a memorable Zoom Wedding.