Simultaneous interpreting

Dragoman manages up to 2000 interpreter requests every year. We work both online and also onsite. For your online events, we can provide excellent interpreters in over 100 languages including but not limited to English, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Japanese and Turkish. Thanks to the novel technologies, it is also possible to have hybride events where some of the audience, speakers or interpreters meet at a studio and the greater majority joins via web links.

For on-site conferences, we have contracted local interpreters in many countries including Turkey, US, Cadana, UK, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, Egypt, Tunusia, Qatar, Dubai, Lebanon, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Korea, China, Russia, Serbia, Montenegro and 80 other countries and 200+ cities worldwide.

We hand-pick our interpreters and only work with qualified and experienced colleagues committed to deliver the best performance at all conditions. Our team has a proven track-record in IPO roadshows, M&A transactions, board meetings, arbitration cases, marcom conferences, product launches, live shows, incentive organizations and corporate events.

We can also provide interpreting equipment for your events, host your Zoom meetings / webinars and help you with the right platforms to complement Webex, Microsoft Teams, Gotomeeting meetings.


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