Figures in English-to-Turkish Translations


  1. Use day, month, year as in 16 Mayıs 2009.
  2. Use a numerical day, month, year as in 01.02.2010, only if required in legal documents and other official documents. Do not use slashes as in 01/02/2010.

Days of the Week and Months

  1. Spell out days of the week and months of the year, and do not use abbreviations, as in Ocak, Mayıs, Çarşamba.
  2. Put the day of the week at the end of a date, as in 19 Mayıs 2009, Çarşamba.

Decades and Centuries

  1. Use 1990’lar, 90’lar, or 90’lı yıllar.
  2. You may abbreviate centuries but always add a full stop after the figure as in 17. yy.
  3. If it is less than ten, spell out the word completely as in beşinci yüzyıl.For centuries, use MÖ beşinci yüzyıl and MS altıncı yüzyıl.

MÖ: Milattan Önce

MS: Milattan Sonra


  1. For the 24-hour clock use 16.30.
  2. For the 12-hour clock use 6.30 or Sabah 6.30.

Money, Percents, and Other Figures

  1. The currency goes after the figure. Do not use the dollar or euro symbols.
  2. The percent symbol goes before the figure as in %15.  (Note: Remember to reverse the English format (15%) when translating.)
  3. Separate decimals with a comma not a period.
  4. Use periods to separate digits not commas (Note: Rules 3 and 4 are reversed in English.)

Please check out other style posts, style guides and editor notes for better usage and updates.