Starting a Sentence With a Number

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Never begin a sentence with a numeral. There is one exception: a numeral that identifies a calendar year. When translating press releases or annual reports, we occasionally come across situations where we have to place the percentage at the beginning of the sentence. E.g.: Twenty-eight percent of the participants passed the test last year. Although this sentence is correct, it looks odd. Where possible, recast the sentence so that the numbers are expressed in figures. Better: Last year, 28 percent […]

Figures Troubleshooting

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Style guides differ because they are written with their specific audience in mind. Bloomberg will present their copy differently to The New York Times because Bloomberg primarily focus on finance and figures. One of the principal reasons for a style guide is to ensure consistency. Our translators work from a wide range of languages and are based around the world. The style guide is what helps ensure all Dragoman output is presented in a professional, clear and uniform manner. Adhering to Dragoman […]

Figures in Legal Agreements – Dragoman Style

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1. Spell out figures followed by the numerals in parentheses. 2. Do not round off the figures when writing the numerals.     Examples:     five thousand six hundred dollars ($5,600)     ten million five hundred forty-five thousand six hundred fifty Turkish lira (10,545,650 TL)     twenty million nine hundred thousand two hundred fifty-two dollars ($20,900,252)     thirty (30) days, two (2) weeks, five and nine tenths percent (5.9%) Changing the format of numbers is very important to properly localize the […]

Range of Numbers – Dragoman Style

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1. To show a range of numbers, use from/to, between/and as in from 10 to 25 branches; between 25 and 30 people; from 25 to 30 percent; between $300 and $50,000. 2. However, use to/from for figures showing a rise or fall to prevent misreading as a range. (Note: this rule is especially important in financial or annual reports)    Examples:    increased to $25 billion from $20 billion    decreased to 9 billion Turkish lira from 20 billion. 3. […]

Measurements and Decimal Points – Dragoman Style

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1. Spell out the type of measurement as in 35 square meters, 46 square kilometers. 2. For amounts less than 1, use zero before the decimal point as in 0.03. 3. When the decimal is 1 or less, the type of measurement is singular as in one mile, one foot, one kilometer, 0.35 meter, 0.55 cubic foot, 0.75 kilometer.   Source Dragoman Style Guide for Figures

Charts and Tables – Dragoman Style

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Charts and Tables: Dates, Financial Figures, Statistics 1. Months of Year: To abbreviate months use these three-letter forms without a period: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec 2. Days of the Week: To abbreviate days use these three-letter forms without a period: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 3. Percent Symbol (%): use the percent symbol (%) in all charts and tables in all documents. 4. For the Turkish currency symbol (TRY): Use […]