Passive & Active Voices Troubleshooting

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Important: This article is about a major element of writing well – active vs passive – and also a key component of Dragoman Style. Key points: Use active voice where possible. Passive is only to be used in medical journals, as necessary. “Activity is interesting. Where you can, write sentences with subjects that are doing things, and not subjects that are simply receiving actions upon them.” (BBC News Styleguide) Turkish makes far more use of the passive voice than English, and […]

Passive & Active Quiz

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Please make sure to read our troubleshooting article on passive and active voices along with other related tips on this website before taking this quiz. We encourage all Dragoman translators to use active voice and refer to passive voice on a needs only basis. Related Posts / İlgili Yazılar:Passive voiceActive voicePassive & Active Voices TroubleshootingConverting Passive to Active – Translating Audit…Voice-over