How to avoid junk words? Tips on plain language.

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This article was originally published on our blog Dragosfer a couple of years ago. It focuses on how to eliminate junk words in Turkish to English translations. As part of our consolidation efforts, I wanted to include it in this knowledgebase. Avoiding junk words is a much wider topic and a good habit to acquire. We are open to publishing your articles and more tips on plain language.  Turkish language is usually long winded and redundant. Translators should learn how to avoid unnecessary words […]

5 Redundant Phrases to Avoid in Legal Translations

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“in light of the fact that,” “with regard to,” “under the provisions of…” These trite phrases often prevent your text to be clear and smooth. Translators are under the impression that legal texts require word-for-word translations. However, Dragoman prefers being loyal to the meaning, not to the cumbersome structure of source sentences. Here are five phrases that you can eliminate to improve your legal language skills: 1. “hereinafter referred to as” Just put the described phrase into parentheses and quotation […]

Press Releases: Do’s and Don’ts

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Get your message across The point of a press release is to communicate your message. What you write needs to be both read and understood. Writing and translating (or transcreating) press releases is a constant challenge. Every day, individuals are bombarded at home and in work with hundreds of media choices. They are forced to make decisions about what to read. Of those who are tempted by an article headline, about 60 percent will never read a single word of […]