“It is considered that (…),” “it is probable that (…),” or even worse “it is of utmost importance that (…)”

Do we really need these clunky phrases?

Dragoman encourages translators to avoid one of the weakest sentence openers: “it is (…) that/to.”

By doing so, you will not only eliminate redundancy but also have smooth and creative sentences. Let’s accept, it is a bit lazy to overuse “it is.”


Wordy: It is critical not to enter into arguments with your audience.

Better: Avoid getting involved in an argument with your audience.


Wordy: It is necessary to be reliable above all else to be a strong personal brand.

Better: To be a strong personal brand, you must be reliable above all else.


Wordy: It is clear that XX was the leading brand.

Better: XX was clearly the leading brand.


If you find yourself thinking about starting your sentence with an “it is,” please try recasting it. Not many agencies are focusing on writing quality, but Dragoman does. You may want to check your translation and proofread yourself to save our copy-editors some time.

Here are helpful web resources on writing well for passionate translators:

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