Tone (literature)

Tone is a literary technique that is a part of composition, which encompasses the attitudes toward the subject and toward the audience implied in a literary work. Tone may be formal, informal, intimate, solemn, somber, playful, serious, ironic, condescending, or many other possible attitudes. Each piece of literature has at least one theme, or central question about a topic, and how the theme is approached within the work is known as the tone.

Tone in public relations is also dictated by the audience. Commanding tone is a challenge for every PR professional and also translation agency.

It is a very good idea to sit and discuss the proper tone with your brand communicators and language localization team before launching a new marketing campaign. Not every word is translatable and not every nuance can be easily transcreated.

Grammar may also be tricky. For instance Turkish has two forms of “you”. One is either imperative or friendly, which are two opposite extremes. And the other option is either formal and serious or nice and polite. Curious isn’t it?

How can you translate sarcasm or passion or pain?

Or, how can you make sure that your brand’s voice is authoritative, serious and trustworthy but not condescending or dictative?

Is your language is tuned for teenagers or 60+? How can you be more precise?

Please also bear in mind that not every modern language is as broad and business oriented as English.

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