Hybrid Translation Solution

Our hybrid translation solution is a combination of machine translation, our own curated data and selective copy-editing  by professional linguists. It may contain different levels of automation depending on your project requirements. Recommended use cases are described below.

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Online retail is a typical use case for hybrid translation. There are dozens of product categories and thousands of listings updated on a weekly if not daily basis. Human effort won't suffice for such a short turnaround time. With Dragoman's continuously learning hybrid solution, your content will be localized into as many languages as you need. Our automated quality assurance tools combined with the perfect eye of our proofreaders will guarantee translation quality.


Translating every customer review by humans is a waste of time and effort. Hotel and destination details are so similar. Using hybrid translation on travel websites is a brilliant idea. It will learn continuously, build a database of past translations and fill in the gaps with machine translation. Final quality assurance will be provided by our professional proofreaders.

News & Blogs

Every second there is another dozens of breaking news around the globe. If you want to keep up with the pace, you need hybrid translation. Same rule applies to blogs, forums and community content. If you want to go global with your content or bring global insights to your business and your audience, hybrid is a must to have solution.

Is this for you

Do you have massive online content?

Do you update your content very frequently?

Is your content repetitive?

Is your content mostly user generated?

If your answer is YES to above questions, hybrid translation is the right solution for you.

Is this pure machine translation

No, it is not. It uses machine translation (MT) but only as a base or filler. Final quality assurance is always performed by professional linguists. Our hybrid continuously learns and builds a database of approved translations of your content.

If your content volume justifies, we can help you build a custom MT engine, but we only recommend it for very big amount of data. Hybrid is a combination of MT, data, automated QA and human effort. And we believe that we know some very good recipes.

How much does it cost

Hybrid saves you time. We can practically built a real time continuous delivery workflow for your web content.

Hybrid also saves you money because it constantly learns and builds a database of approved translations.

Our localization platform features many filters and automated quality assurance tools, tailored to improve productivity.

Actual dollar savings may be as high as 80% compared to manual, offline human translation.

How can I try it

Simply contact our solution architects and describe your requirements. We will be delighted to show you a glimps of possiblities and also run a risk analysis. Because not every content is suitable for hybrid. Current hype for automated translation can be very misleading.

Once we analyse your entire content and use cases, we will give you a perfectly detailed roadmap for your migration to hybrid translation.

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