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Dragoman's transcreators will re-tell your story with subtitles that will read like original. Subtitling, closed captions, voice-over and dubbing are essential to reach global audieneces in their local languages.

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Meet our team

Dragoman has a dedicated team for video subtitling. We have 2000+ minutes of weekly capacity up to Netflix standards. Our team is trained and certified in subtitling, dubbing, time coding, transcribing, embedding and preparing media for desired media outlets. Our expertise in copy-editing and transcreation combined with cutting edge media technologies ensures superior performance compared to most of our peers.


Enjoy our secure cloud

Hiring us for video localization gives you visibility and confidentiality in every step of our work, thanks to our robust cloud based architecture. Our subtitlers and translators are not allowed to download your work ÔÇô they merely see a water-marked low-resolution copy of your original assets, while your team can view our job in progress on the video, make comments or corrections before giving a final aproval. You will have full control on your digital assets while we are in charge of adding subtitles, closed captions or dubbed audio.

Sample Videos

Dragoman provides video subtitling services to major broadcasters, corporate communication departments and media & PR agencies. Our most common language combinations for video localization are English, Spanish, German or French into Turkish and from Turkish into English, Arabic and Russian. We can expand into other languages with our core team or by partnering with trusted service providers.

Why Subtling?

Over 80% all marketing spending will be on video content in a few years. People watch shorter videos on their mobile phones at any given hour of the day and subtitles enable them to consume without turning on the audio. TV shows, movies and documentaries are at the heart of home entartainment. OYP providers like Netfix and Amazon Prime are booming.

Now, if you want your videos to reach a greater global audience you need subtitling and/or dubbing. If you want to sell more products and services, you’ve got to do this in targeted local languages.

On the top of all sales and marketing rationale, subtitling is also a basic human need for people with hard of hearing, the elderly, travellers and immigrants. You don’t want to miss out deaf population or the elderly in the aftermath of a hurricane or an earthquake.

Hard of hearing

World Health Organization reports over 300 million with hearing difficulties around the globe. Turkish statistics suggests several millions of people with hard of hearing. Aging population is a constant cause for losing audio – visual abilities. Governments and corporations must take these numbers seriously and publish subtitles for news and announcements, because everyday there is another hurricane, earthquake of any other natural disaster, not to mention wars, conflicts or epidemics. It is our human right to have access to public information. Subtitling seems to be the only way to do this.

On another note, people with hard of hearing are also consumers; they buy food, toys, supplies, vacations and tickets. Closed captioning (subtitling for hard of hearing) is a must to have sales tool. Responsible executive or a smart marketer, Dragoman is here to help you reach out and beyond.

Tv Shows and Movies

Turkish TV shows are hugely popular from the Balkans to the Middle East. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Blu TV, Puhu and many others are expanding their subscription base. Chinese, Korean and Indian content are loved by hundreds of millions of people. Celebrities and executives cannot survive without adding subtitles to their Ted Talks. Subtitling and dubbing are key to reach global audiences and get the most out of your creative productions.

Video Ads and e-learning videos

Adding subtitles to your TV ads is a responsible act. It also helps tapping into an underpenetrated consumer segment. At the end of the day, profesional ads cost you a fortune. Why not make them more accessible by simply adding captions?

Please feel free to consult us about your digital video strategies and ways to expand your everyday audience by using transcreation.

Same logic applies to e-learning programmes. The hard work is to put together an educational yet fun curriculum. Once you have it, you can hire us to transcreate them into targeted local languages.

We can add subtitles, do voice-over or dubbing and even help you with editing embbeded screen images and messages.

Our track record with world’s best advertising agencies and top brands makes us an ideal choice to localize video ads and e-learning content.