1. Lingofoni is an interpreter finder app. It works on both iOS and Android devices. That is, you can use it on iphone, ipad, Samsung, LG and many other mobile devices.
  2. Lingofoni is a FREE app. It is free for all users. Interpreters, translation agencies and customers can use Lingofoni.
  3. Interpreters are asked to enter their language combinations, years in profession, speciliazations, certifications, association memberships and business rates.
  4. Certifications and association memberships are important for background checking and cross-referencing. Lingofoni admins ask for a copy of all interpreter endorsements when a job request arrives.
  5. Lingofoni is for all interpreters and in all language combinations. Simultaneous interpreters, consecutive interpreters, court & police interpreters, medical interpreters, immigration interpreters, accompanying interpreters are all welcome to join.
  6. Customers can access to the nearest available interpreter by entering event details, i.e. languages, date, duration, location, etc.
  7. All customer requests are directed to the interpreter first. This is important for transperency. If selected interpreter agrees to take on the job, Lingofoni admin(s) is notified.
  8. Lingofoni admin has the option to approve the job or suggest an alternative interpreter.  This is important for quality assurance. Lingofoni admins are experienced interpreters or interpreter managers/coordinators, who know how to qualify interpreters for different assignments.
  9. Lingofoni app will remain as a BETA  service until the end of November 2015. We hope to incorporate all user feedback to release an improved version in the coming weeks.
  10. Advertised rates are interpreter only. Should you wish to pay via Lingofoni credit card payment method, banking, tax related and operational fees will be added, which may differ according to your country.
  11. Android users please click here to install Lingofoni:
  12. iOS users please click here to install Lingofoni: