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Translation Room is an online translation portal accesible at www.translationroom.com It is powered by an award winning CAT tool (XTM – Cloud). Our aim is to partner with freelancers and LSP’s from all around the world to build a trusted, transparent and collaborative job market and production cyber workspace.

How much will you pay?

Basic mambership is free. That means you will be listed as a customer or partner of Translation Room and will need to contact our project managers to give / get a job.

If you want to upload your own files, translate your own jobs, assign jobs to other translators or agencies, you’d better choose one of our annual membership options.

Translator annual subscription: 100 Euros (one time non-refundable). Ideal for all professional translators who want to advertise their names & services and also benefit terminology and translation memories on our portal.

Translation agency annual subscription: 200 Euros (one time non -refundable) + 100 Euros for every additional translator account. Ideal for small translation offices who want to take on larger customers.

Customer account: 200 Euros (one time non-refundable). This will enable you to access all freelancers and translation agencies on Translation Room. Ideal if your company needs quick turnaround without compromising terminology and consistency.

Is that all? Well of course not. Please review the highlights of Translation Room below and contact us for a FREE one month trial account.

1. A fully functional CAT tool: Translation Room is a fully functional CAT tool. We are based on XTM – Cloud (Nubuto) and our system includes QA, terminology, concordance and quality filters required to deliver better translation.

2. A very effective TMS: You can manage your files, assign jobs, divide long files to multiple translators, calculate wordcount, cost and send POs.

3. Automated workflow: Translation Room offers several level of task automation. Tasks can be assigned automatically according to groups, customers, job types, translator’s experience or simply on a first come first saved basis.

4. Adobe compatible: We can process Photoshop, Indesign (indesign) and PDF files. This speeds up localizing creative content into multiple languages.

2. Advertising: Advertising your name on Translation Room for one year will bring you a greater potental for new customers and new work. We will also include your name, logo and credidentials on our social media, blog and other adds

3. Your portal: Translation Room is your portal. Not just ours. Your clients can send you jobs directly on this portal. You can simply use Translation Room for your oqn regular business at no additional cost.

4. Networking: You can meet, network and get jobs from other translators or agencies on Translation Room.

5. Training: We have regular training webinars on project management, proofreading, copy-editing, etc.

6. Money collection: Translation Room can act as an intermediary and collect your money. We have PayPal and credit card connections.

7. Added technologies: Our portal is connected to Asia Online, Kantan MT and many other MT engines as well as Easyling, Babelnet, Termweb and many other technologies. Since we buy in bulk, we offer much better rates for each additional service.

8. Project management: By paying an additonal 100 Euros a year (200 Euros in total) you can act as a project manager and hire other agencies, translators, copy editors and make more money.  

Key Benefits:

We advertise your name, company and services on all over the internet and on our portal.

You will have free or discounted access to training content, i.e. style guides, proofreading, translation in the cloud, project management, etc. (en.nubuto.tips)

You can publish your own training & marketing content on our knowledgebase (en.nubuto.tips)

You can acquire new clients, network with other agencies and hire validated freelancers.

Translation Room is super cost effective.

Translation Room is a secured & shared portal, meaning you can safely share your translation assets with the users you want to, and keep them private as long as you want to.

Translation buyers can launch tenders on the portal.

The portal also offers a global money collection module, meaning you can use Translation Room as an intermediary to collect your receivables.

Why not join the partnership program and have one month free acces to Translation Room? Please click here.