Simultaneous interpreters need a monitor in the booth to see the presentations better. Some conference rooms are large and typically the interpreting booth is installed in the very end of the seating rows. To make the matter worse, attendants may occasionaly walk pass in front of the booth which disturbs the concentration of interpreters.

Please note that simultaneous interpreting requires very sharp reflexes and a congnitive capacity to translate sentences in a matter of seconds. Interpreters need clear and uniterrupted visibility of the conference room, the stage and the speakers. Because communication has both verbal and also non-verbal elements. Hearing only will not suffice in most cases.

We strongly recommend that interpreters have one large or two small monitors in their booth to better see the presentations and/or the speakers on the stage. Also make sure that the monitors are not too large to block the overall view of the room or to invade the limited space available to interpreters in the booth.

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