Seventy percent of all translation errors are terminology related. Everybody needs terminology management to deliver better translation services. When a brand grows across borders and sales expands to multiple territories, typically local partners are hired to localize content. These are ad-hoc translation demands. However, with continued growth, companies need more consistent and holistic strategies for translation quality management. Managing terminology is at the core of all translation, localization and globalization plans.


Why Terminology Management Matters for Branding

Building a brand identity may be one of the toughest challenges that businesses face today. As competition mounts and brand loyalty fades, making that identity resonate with customers in a foreign language becomes even tougher.

Furthermore, consistency is key to terminology management. Corporate jargon, titles, documents, product names, sales pitches and marketing communication must be translated identically, and this is where Dragoman comes into the picture.


How Dragoman Can Help Your Brand Identity Stay Consistent

We use XTM Cloud, a translation management system with built-in translation memory, terminology management, project management and LQA: Language Quality Assurance modules. XTM is a very efficient, cloud-based, collaborative CAT tool. XTM Cloud helps language service providers, and thus, your brand, to identify, localize, approve, and centralize your terminology so that you have the peace of mind of knowing that the key attributes of your brands are communicated consistently to your customers.

Terminology management can make or break a marketing campaign rollout. Dragoman’s experienced translators, copy-editors and quality assurance specialits help you work through your message to target markets thanks to XTM Cloud-enabled terminology management capabilities.

If you want to pitch your product or service in multiple languages, Dragoman can use your approved terminology or can research the best translation of your brand terminology in the target language on your behalf to help you deliver accurate and consistent translations.

Every language has its idiosyncrasies and localizing key terms and concepts from one language into another is often very difficult and requires domain specialization, which Dragoman has in abundance. Dragoman boasts an impressive track record of translating time- and content-sensitive documents into and from Turkish to other languages.


Beyond Terminology Management

Creating terminology lists or term bases is only a part of the effort to ensure consistency. Dragoman also researches your key terms and compares them with your competition to spare you costly intellectual property lawsuits.

Choosing an alternative translation for the same concept is also related with brand differentiation. One cannot simply use a translation if it has become a trademark, generic product name or a motton for the competition. Research for the best fitting translation goes beyond dictionary browsing.


Terminology Management at Dragoman

Creating a glossary is the first step in the localization of a project into one language or multiple languages. When provided with a glossary, Dragoman can follow your approved terminology to deliver accurate and consistent translations.

On the other hand, if you do not have a readily available glossary or term base and want Dragoman to create a glossary or a termbase from scratch, Dragoman uses XTM Cloud’s smart terminology extraction feature to list source terms. This saves both time and money for your company and Dragoman.

You can check the extensive terminology features offered by Dragoman and XTM Cloud at and

Manage your terminology well and you will have less translation errors and much better brand identity.